Water Seepage Detection

Simon H. H. Hung

General Manager - Construction Services

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Offering the widest variety of services in the building inspection industry, our Water Seepage Investigations division provides both Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to detecting water seepage problems.


ETL’s team have the knowledge, experience and equipment necessary to provide our customers with accurate, prompt and quality services using specialist techniques such as Rapid Infrared Thermography and Microwave Tomography.


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Qualitative Approach
  • Florescent Dye Test (FDT)
  • Rapid Infrared Thermographic
Quantitative Approach
  • Microwave Tomography
  • Protimeter/Conductivity Test

Job Reference

Infrared Thermography

Date: March 2021

Division: Water Seepage Detection

Project: Podium Swimming Pool at Tai Koo Shing Water Seepage Detection

Client: Taikoo Shing (Management) Ltd.

Infrared Thermography

Date: February 2021

Division: Water Seepage Detection

Project: Contract No. AAHK3801 - APM & BHS Tunnels on Airport lsland

Client: China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Infrared Thermography

Date: January to February 2021

Division: Water Seepage Detection

Project: High Speed Rail, Kowloon Station

Client: Sanfield (Management) Ltd.

Thermography & Microwave Tomography

Date: September 2019 to present

Division: Water Seepage Detection

Project: Consultancy Services for Water Seepage Investigation and Testing (WSI 2 019) – Testing by Infrared Thermography & Microwave Tomography

Client: IPS Consultant Ltd.