Guy P. K. Kong

Laboratory Manager

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One of the very best HOKLAS accredited environmental laboratories in Hong Kong, ETL’s Environmental division provides high quality services and independent testing in the analytical areas of air, dust, water, waste water, industrial sewage and noise.


With state-of-the-art machinery, our Environmental division specialises in water analysis for Heavy Metal and Non-Metallic Constituents in both drinking water and wastewater.


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Site Work
  • Environmental Monitoring & Audit (EM&A)
  • Baseline and Impact Monitoring of Air, Noise & Water Quality
  • Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM)
Laboratory Testing
  • Quality Water Supply Scheme for Buildings - Fresh Water (plus)  - 7 testing parameter + 4 metals

  • Newly Installed Fresh Water Inside Service - 8 testing parameter + 4 metals

  • Heavy Metal Analysis in Drinking Water

  • Test for Wastewater - Organic Pollutants, e.g. COD, BOD, Oil & Grease

  • Test for Wastewater - Non-Metallic Constituents e.g. pH, colour, SS

Job Reference

Testing on Water

Date: March 2022 to present

Division: Environmental

Project: Potable Water Quality Examination

Client: The Hong Kong Jocky Club

Environmental Monitoring & Audit

Date: January 2022 to present

Division: Environmental

Project: CV/2021/09 - Handling of Surplus Public Fill

Client: China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd.

Building Environmental Assessment Method

Date: May 2022

Division: Environmental

Project: STTL 520, Tai Wai Station, Property Development

Client: Pyrofoe Engineers Ltd.

Marine Water Quality Monitoring

Date: April 2022 to present

Division: Environmental

Project: Provision of Water Quality Monitoring Services at Water Sports and Recreation Precinct

Client: Development Bureau (Planning & Lands Branch)