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Quality Assurance Manager

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ETL’s Calibration department provides a wide range dimensional equipment calibration services, ranging from Length, Thickness, Angle and Straightness. 


Our fast reaction time ensures that our independent reporting is delivered to customers quickly for both HOKLAS and non-HOKLAS approved tests.


For further information or to receive a quote, please contact the Calibration team

Length Equipment
  • External Caliper

  • Measuring Tape

  • Dipmeter/Water Level Measuring Tape

  • Rule

  • External Micrometer

  • Dial Gauge

  • Digital Indicator

  • LVDT

  • Distance Measuring Wheel

  • Depth Gauge

  • Gauge Block

  • Laser/Infrared Distance Meter

  • Height Gauge

  • Micrometer Head

  • Rule with Measuring Jaws

  • Bore Gauge

  • Inside Micrometer

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

  • Bolt Length Checker

  • Metal Length Gauge

Thickness Equipment
  • Coating Thickness Gauge

  • Plastic Foil

  • Weld Gauge

  • Feeler Gauge

  • Pin Gauge

  • Thickness Gauge

  • Taper Gauge

  • Step Wedge

Angle Equipment
  • Spirit Level/Leveller

  • Bevel Protractor

  • Angle Meter/Protractor

  • Inclinometer/Tiltmeter

  • Angle Gauge

  • Tilting Table

  • Circular/Disc Bubble Spirit Level

Straightness Equipment
  • Square

  • Straight Edge

  • Reference Steel Cube

  • Steel Cylinder

  • Half Round Jaw

Job Reference

Calibration of Measuring Tape

Date: February 2020

Division: Dimensional

Project: Calibration of Survey Equipment

Client: Gammon Construction Ltd

Calibration of Steel Rule

Date: January 2020

Division: Dimensional

Project: Calibration of Equipment

Client: TUV SUD Hong Kong Ltd

Calibration of Spirit Level

Date: February 2020

Division: Dimensional

Project: GC Projects – Calibration & Inspection of Equipment

Client: Paul Y General Contractors Ltd

Calibration of Tiltmeter

Date: February 2020

Division: Dimensional

Project: Kai Tak Area

Client: Gammon Construction Ltd