Guy P. K. Kong

Laboratory Manager

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ETL’s Chemical division provides a full range of chemical analyses for environmental, metal, petroleum products in soil, cement, concrete and its related materials.  With over 20 years experience, we provide testing services for water supply pipes & fitting and solder materials, according to the WSD requirements, and is one of the few HOKLAS accredited laboratories in Hong Kong for chemical analysis of copper alloy and solder alloy.


Providing fast and accurate chemical composition analysis for steel and copper alloy (HOKLAS method (spark-OES)), our Chemical division attained accreditation from the WSD Approval Laboratory for Heavy Metal Water Testing in December 2015.


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Water Fittings
  • Chemical Composition of Copper Pipe & Fitting

  • Chemical Composition of Soldering Material

Metal & Alloy Analysis
  • Chemical Composition of Metal & Alloy, e.g.  Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper Alloy, Aluminium Alloy etc.
Diesel Oil
  • Sulphur Content of Diesel Oil
Construction Materials
  • Chemical Composition of Cement

  • Chemical Composition of Concrete

  • Chemical Composition of Soil

  • Chemical Composition of Mortar

  • Chemical Composition of Aggregate

Job Reference

Sulphur Content of Diesel Oil

Date: August 2011 to present

Division: Chemical

Project: Central - Wan Chai Bypass - Tunnel (North Point Section) and Island Eastern Corridor Link

Client: Chun Wo - CRGL - MBEC Joint Venture

Chemical Test for Concrete

Date: October to November 2020

Division: Chemical

Project: The Tanner Hill - Testing of Concrete at E&M Zone on Transfer Plate of Towers 2 & 3

Client: Hong Kong Housing Authority

Water Fittings

Date: December 2020 to March 2021

Division: Chemical

Project: Testing of Waterworks Products for the Application of WSD's GA

Client: Superpower Pumping Engineering Co. Ltd.

Chemical Analysis of Steel Bar

Date: August 2018 to present

Division: Chemical

Project: The Proposed Residential Development at N.K.I.L. 6514 Kwun Tong Town Centre Development Area

Client: CR Construction Co. Ltd.