HOKLAS & HKIAS approved ETS-Testconsult Ltd. for new Testing, Calibration & Inspection Methods

HOKLAS and HKIAS approved ETS-Testconsult Ltd. for new testing, calibration and inspection methods in October and November 2016, as well as approved extended ranges for a number of existing tests and services.


Newly approved areas include:

  • Calibration: Drying Oven Temperature Calibration Uncertainty to 0.11K below 40°C
  • Rock: Porosity & Density using Saturation & Buoyancy Techniques, Water Content
  • Welds (Destructive): Longitudinal Tensile Test of Fusion Welded Joints


The specific areas which were extended include:

  • Calibration: Covermeter, Slump Flow Apparatus, Dipmeter
  • Building Stone: Absorption & Bulk Specific Gravity
  • Fibre-Reinforced Concrete: Flexural Strength
  • Metallic Materials: Rebend Test of Steel Reinforcing Bars, Proof Load Test of Stainless Steel Nuts in the force range 5kN to 2,000kN
  • Water Works Product Inspection: PE Pipes & Fittings
  • Welding (Inspection): Inspection/Approval of Welding Procedures & Inspection/Approval of Welder Testing
  • Welds (Destructive): Hardness, Charpy Impact Test, Fracture Test, Macroscopic & Microcscopic Examination, Transverse Tensile Test of Fusion Welded Joints
  • Welds (Non-destructive): Liquid Penetrant Test, Radiographic Examination


Please contact our experts for further information and a full list of services available.