Borehole Video Inspection

Our Structural Diagnostics & Inspection Department has new equipment with a state-of-the-art HD underwater inspection system and achieved HOKLAS accreditation in the Foundation Test area for the Borehole Video Inspection in December 2023.


This camera inspection system can review the condition of the internal wall shaft of the hollow section or the borehole of the vertical or raking pile (with sizes from 70mm up to 200mm diameter and a maximum depth of 100m) by simultaneous video monitoring and recording.


The following conditions will be detected:

(i) the concrete, rock or soil quality;

(ii) the extent, locations and orientation of any structural damages / discontinuities / special features in the inspected pile.


Last but not least, our equipment and test method also complies with the latest specification requirements of non-destructive pile testing for foundation of public housing development projects.


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