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Being one of the few laboratories in Hong Kong offering Tachometer Calibration services, ETL’s Calibration department also offer a wide range of calibration services of Construction Material Testing equipment, such as Curing Tank Temperature Distribution & Circulation, Slump Cone and Compacting Bar calibration.


In addition, we offer Calibration services for Volumetric, Hardness, Flatness and Center Checking equipment.


For further information or to receive a quote, please contact the Calibration team

Construction Material Testing Equipment
  • Anvil for Rebound Hammer

  • Automatic Level

  • Curing Tank Temperature Distribution & Circulation

  • Rebound Hammer

  • Cement Grout Flow Cone

  • Marsh Funnel with Graduation Cup

  • Flow Table

  • Slump Cone

  • Tamping Rod

  • Cube Mould

  • Metal Mould / Concrete Mould

  • Compacting Bar

  • Tamping Bar

  • Metal Cone and Tamper

  • Arm Ratio of Oedometer / Direct Shear Machine / Consolidation Machine

  • Mixer / Stirrer

  • GCO Probe

  • Point Load Tester

  • Load Transferred Block

  • TP5 Magnetic Test Piece/Universal Test Block

  • Friction Tester

  • V Block

  • Charpy Caliper Gauge

  • Core Measuring Apparatus

  • Mud Balance

  • Measuring Jugs

Rotational Speed Equipment
  • Tachometer / Speedometer
Volumetric Equipment
  • Volume Measuring Cylinder / Beaker / Prover
Hardness Equipment
  • Vicker Hardness Testing Machine (Indirect Verification)
Flatness Equipment
  • Loading Pad / Platen
  • Steel Plate / Masonry Float (Flatness)
Center Checking Equipment
  • Centering Checker
Sound & Acoustic Equipment
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Sound Level Calibrator
OHSA Related Equipment
  • 4 in 1 Gas Meter (H2S, CO, CH4, O2)
Chemical Testing Equipment
  • pH Meter

Job Reference

Calibration of Rebound Hammer

Date: May 2024

Division: Miscellaneous

Project: Calibration of Equipment

Client: Chun Wo Building Construction Ltd.

Calibration of 4-in-1 Gas Meter

Date: February 2024

Division: Miscellaneous

Project: A206 - Kai Tak Station Phase 2

Client: Aggressive Construction Co. Ltd.

Calibration of Curing Tank

Date: May 2024

Division: Miscellaneous

Project: Proposed Public Housing Developments at Tung Chung Areas 103 & 109 Location Plan

Client: PaulY Builders Ltd.

Calibration of Multifunction Tester

Date: April 2024

Division: Miscellaneous

Project: Lohas Park Package 12

Client: Gammon Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd.