Company History

Laboratories Renovated

To enhance our offering to customers, we fully refurbished our Environmental & Chemical laboratory as well as our Calibration laboratory in 2020.  These state-of-the-art modern facilities in our Fo Tan premises allow us to operate in a more efficient manner as well as room to grow our range of services.

Microbiology Laboratory

ETL added to its service offering in 2015 by adding a state-of-the-art Microbiology Laboratory in its Fo Tan facilities

Joint venture operation in Shenzhen (China) is established

ETS-Testconsult (Shenzhen) Ltd was formed as a joint venture company to perform testing service in China, mainly in Weld Non-Destructive Testing

ETS-Testconsult Ltd established

ETL, as we know it today, was formed by the consolidation of Eastern Technical Services Ltd (est. 1966), Testconsult (HK) Ltd (est. 1982) & Testfibre (Far East) Ltd (est. 1988) into one company to consolidate the service offering under one brand

All companies to new office and testing facilities in Fo Tan

ETS Ltd, Testconsult CEBTP Ltd and Testfibre (Far East) Ltd all move into new facility in Fo Tan, providing a centralised service from one location

Testfibre (Far East) Ltd established

Testfibre (Far East) Ltd was established under the Carbandy Investments Ltd to provide Asbestos Abatement Testing services

Environmental Testing services available

Due to growing demand, a new testing laboratory was created to provide Environmental Testing services to customers in Hong Kong

ETS Ltd and Testconsult CEBTP Ltd management buy-out

A management buy-out of Eastern Technical Services Ltd from Hong Kong United Dockyards Ltd (HUD) was completed by Carbandy Investments Ltd


At the same time, Carbandy Investments Ltd purchased Testconsult CEBTP Ltd as well as Eastern Technical Services Ltd with both companies now operating within one group

Testconsult CEBTP Ltd established

Testconsult CEBTP Ltd was established as a joint venture between Dodwells Ltd and Testconsult (HK) Ltd providing specialist services on Foundation Testing for the construction industry

Eastern Technical Services Ltd reformed as an independent company within Hong Kong United Dockyards Ltd (HUD)

Hong Kong and Wampoa Dockyards Ltd and Taikoo Dockyards Ltd merged to become Hong Kong United Dockyards Ltd(HUD)


At that time, the joint venture between Hong Kong and Wampoa Dockyards Ltd and Motherwell Bridge Ltd ended.  The metallurgical testing laboratory of Taikoo Dockyards Ltd joined with the Non-Destructive Testing services provided by Eastern Technical Services Ltd to become the new Eastern Technical Services Ltd.




Eastern Technical Services Ltd established

A joint venture between Motherwell Bridge Ltd and Hong Kong and Wampoa Dockyards Ltd, providing Non-Destructive Testing services in Hong Kong