Surface Geometry Testing on Ribbed Bars

To cope with the market needs in reinforcing steel bar surface geometry testing according to CS2:2012, our Physical Laboratory Division is now equipped with a Rib Measurement Device to provide surface geometry testing on ribbed bars, thus extending our scope of HOKLAS accredited test services in construction materials. 


Ribbed bars are characterized by their surface geometry of dimensions, number and configuration of transverse and longitudinal ribs. The Rib Measurement Device takes a contactless optical video measurement of the steel bar, then measures the following parameters in line with the Construction Standard of CS:2 requirement.

  • Bar cross-section and diameter
  • Rib height at the center and quarter-points
  • Centre distance of the ribs
  • Head width of the ribs
  • Inclination of the ribs to the bar axis
  • Distance between rows of ribs
  • Specific rib area


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